Prospective Students

The SYSU-CMU Joint Institute of Engineering is an international collaboration between Sun Yat-sen University and Carnegie Mellon University to innovate engineering education. With the increasing demands of a global economy, future engineers must be equipped to effortlessly navigate cultural and international boundaries, in addition to receiving progressive training in the most cutting-edge engineering fields.


Students will pursue the same intensive engineering curriculum as any other Carnegie Mellon student. All applicants will be subjected to the Electrical and Computer Engineering department’s admission standards and Sun Yat-sen University admission standards.

Students will study at the Sun Yat-sen campus in Guangzhou, China, and also at either Carnegie Mellon’s Pittsburgh or Silicon Valley campus. The students will gain experience and competency in Chinese and American environments.

Upon graduation, students will receive two degrees — one from Sun Yat-sen and one from Carnegie Mellon — at the master and doctoral levels. Initially, the institute will only offer degrees in electrical and computer engineering. Gradually, other engineering and technology disciplines of will be included.


Admission to the JIE program is based on a comprehensive review of each applicant’s qualifications, including academic and research backgrounds, GRE scores, proof of English proficiency, academic credentials, recommendation letters and statement of purpose. A committee, consisting of individuals from both Sun Yat-sen University (SYSU) as well as Carnegie Mellon University, will conduct review of the application materials.


Due to the unique nature of the JIE program, which combines the strengths of both SYSU and Carnegie Mellon, deadlines for the respective institutions must be followed.

  • Carnegie Mellon’s ECE Department’s Deadline: December 15* (*In response to the flooding in South India, we will be extending the Fall 2016 graduate application deadlines to December 29, 2015, to accommodate applicants who may have been affected by these floods and need additional time to complete their application materials.)
  • Sun Yat-sen University’s Deadline varies based on nationality.  Please direct your questions to for details.


To be considered for the JIE doctoral program, students must have received a master’s degree prior to enrollment for the program.  Therefore, admitted students must provide evidence of an official master’s degree conferral.  This may either be shown directly on the transcript itself or through an official document from the university registrar’s office that states the official degree conferral.

Application Materials

Only hard-copies of official transcripts, TOEFL and GRE scores should be submitted directly to the ECE admissions office. Other hardcopy materials, submitted outside of the online applications, will not be reviewed.

Online application

For applicants who are pursuing the double-degree in at the masters or Ph.D. levels, they will need to be sure to submit two applications for the JIE double-degree programs.

  • One application will be submitted to Carnegie Mellon’s ECE’s Department’s Graduate Online Application.
  • The other application must be submitted to Sun Yat-sen University, according to your nationality and level.
    • For Chinese nationals for the M.S. program, please submit your materials to the M.S. Domestic Student Portal.
    • For Chinese nationals for the Ph.D. program, please submit your materials to Ph.D. Domestic Student Portal.
    • For non-Chinese nationals for either the M.S. or Ph.D. program, please submit your materials to the International Student Portal.
    • For applicants from Hong Kong, Macao or Taiwan, a formal application must be submitted through the respective offices.  Instructions are on presented on the reference site.


Statement of Purpose

Applicants may either upload their statement onto the online applications or type their statement directly into a textbox provided. Hard-copies mailed to the admissions office will not be considered.


Like the statement, applicants may either upload their resume onto the online applications or fill out the appropriate components directly into the application. Hardcopies mailed to the admissions office will not be considered.

Three Recommendation Letters

Through the online application, applicants will submit the email contacts of their recommenders. An email will then be generated to each recommender to fill out an online form. Hardcopies mailed to the admissions office will not be considered.


For the online applications students may submit unofficial copies of the transcript. However, official hardcopies of the transcripts with degree conferral must be received. Only transcripts that are directly from the university in a sealed envelope will be considered official.

GRE score

All students are required to submit their scores on the GRE General Test. Only scores received directly from ETS will be considered the official scores. Applicants will be given the option to upload unofficial copies directly into the ECE online application.


All international applicants whose native language is not English are required to provide proof of English proficiency. The TOEFL or the IELTS tests are the accepted means. The English proficiency requirement cannot be waived, even for applicants who have previously studied at a U.S. institution. Only scores received directly from ETS or IELTS will be considered the official scores. Applicants will be given the option to upload unofficial copies directly into the online application.


Application System 

(JIE dual-degree program: MUST submit two applications — CMU ECE and SYSU)

SYSU:Chinese nationals for the M.S. program       Chinese nationals for the Ph.D. program

non-Chinese nationals for either the M.S. or Ph.D. program


JIE Admission Brochure-General