Rapid 4D regional wall motion characterization of abdominal aortic aneurysms with intra-luminal thrombus using cine cardiac MRI
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Patient-Specific Hemodynamic Evaluation of an Aortic Coarctation under Rest and Stress Conditions
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Rapid Quantification of Mean Myocardial Wall Velocity in Ischemic Cardiomyopathy by Cardiac Magnetic Resonance: An Index of Cardiac Functional Abnormalities during the Cardiac Cycle
Authors: Srilakshmi M Adhyapak, Prahlad G Menon, Abhinav Mehra, Stephen Tully, and Rao Parachuri


Postsurgical comparison of pulsatile hemodynamics in five unique total cavopoulmonary connections: identifying ideal connection strategies
Authors: Prahlad G. Menon, Haifa Hong, Haibo Zhang, Hucheng Li, Zhongqun Zhu Huiwen Chen, Jinfen Liu

Automatic Classification of Palatal and Pharyngeal Wall Morphology Patterns from Speech Acoustics and Inverted Articulatory Signals
Authors: Ming Li, Adam Lammert, Jangwon Kim, Prasanta Ghosh and Shrikanth Narayanan

MRI & CT image-fusion based aorta & coronary artery model for in-silico feasibility evaluation of perfusion with an ascending aortic pump, using computational fluid dynamics
Authors: P.G Albal and P.G Menon

Restoration of optimal ellipsoid left ventricular geometry: lessons learnt from in silico surgical modelling
Authors: Srilakshmi M. Adhyapak, Prahlad G. Menon, and V. Rao Parachuri