SYSU-CMU International Joint Research Institute (JRI)

Located in the Shunde district of Foshan city, the JRI is a three-way partnership between the Shunde People’s Government of Foshan, Sun Yat-sen University and Carnegie Mellon University. The JRI will complement the academic intentions of the JIE through industrial ties, accomplishing technology development transfer. As a sister institute of the JIE, the JRI aims to focus on research with immediate industrial impacts, start-up incubation and technology development.

With local government and industry support, the JRI will provide an excellent environment for students to research and practice in a collaborative atmosphere. The goal of the JRI is to provide a space for industry, researchers and students to come together.

JIE students and faculty will have many opportunities to utilize the facilities of the JRI, as well as any resources that are available to promote short-term research or tap into industrial connections. JIE masters students will spend their final semester at the JRI completing their thesis, while building industrial ties for future career development and research opportunities. JIE doctoral students will also have opportunities during their academic careers to engage in similar activities.

SYSU-CMU International Joint Research Institute