CMU-SYSU Collaborative Innovation Research Center (CIRC)

Located on the Pittsburgh campus of Carnegie Mellon University, the CIRC is a center that supports the research endeavors of the JIE.

Vision & Mission.

Strategically poised to focus on the research thrusts of the JIE, the CIRC’s vision is built upon academic research, industrial impact and technological innovation. The mission is to inspire and lead technology innovation and academic excellence across disciplinary boundaries by creating new paradigms in technologies that enhance the standard of living around the world.

Project Funding Strategy.

Faculty members at Carnegie Mellon are encouraged to submit research proposals to receive funding for their projects. Successful proposals are likely to align one with one of the following strategic aims:

  • Contributes to technology innovation critical to China’s transition economy
  • Encourages research collaborations between JIE and ECE faculty
  • Supports focused areas with high engineering and technology impact