Outstanding International Student Scholarship Supported by the Guangdong Provincial Government at Sun Yat-sen University for the academic year 2016

Updated : June 7, 2016
Press release by Yingneng Gu

In line with the notice set by the Guangdong Province Office of Education in circular No.【2016】36, the government authorities in Guangdong Province have established the “academic year 2016 Guangdong Government Outstanding International Student Scholarship”. 107 is the number of the scholarship quotas at Sun Yat-sen University, among which, 8 should go to PhDs, 24 to Masters and 75 to Undergraduates.

We welcome applications from the qualified applicants. The details for this program are as follows.

I. Target Applicants and Scholarship Award Amounts
1.1. Outstanding international students for PhDs, scholarship award amount is RMB 30,000/ person.
1.2. Outstanding international students for Masters, scholarship award amount is RMB 20,000/ person.
1.3. Outstanding international students for Undergraduates, scholarship award amount is RMB 10,000/ person.

II.Application Requirements
2.1. Applicants should have a foreign citizenship, a valid passport and meet the relevant requirements of international students in China, aged under 40 years old.
2.2. Applicants should have taken more than one-year’s degree study (including one year) at Sun Yat-sen University.
2.3. Applicants should be friendly to China, healthy, law-abiding, studious, honest, and have no records of breaking Chinese laws, regulations as well as university and school rules.
2.4. Applicants should have excellent academic performances in the academic year 2015/2016, be good in compulsory courses (at least 70 points or above according to the 100 points evaluation system) and fail in no courses.
2.5. International students who have already taken or are enjoining the Chinese Government Scholarship (including Excellent Self-funded International Student supported by the Chinese government Scholarship) and other kinds of scholarship (excluding such encouraging prizes as Perfect Attendance Prize, Excellent Students Prize, etc.) are no longer entitled to apply for this scholarship.
2.6. International students who have registered during the designated period set by the university for the two semesters of academic year 2015/2016.

III.Application Materials
3.1. Application Form for Guangdong Government Outstanding International Student Scholarship (Page1-3 must be filled out by the applicants and in accordance with Item 13 on Page 2, a complete transcript with the official stamp from the Dean’ Office or the Graduate School should be provided. Page 4-5 which shall be filled out by the school authorities. They are mainly the major courses taken by the applicants and the evaluations, comments, opinions or recommendations from their mentors or teachers as well as the schools.
3.2. A copy of passport and valid visa.

3.3 Recommendation List by the school. Both the Recommendation List and the Application Form should be stamped.

IV.Approval Procedures
4.1 Applicants should submit the  application materials to the school.

4.2 The schoold should finish the review and submit the recommendation list to the university before June 17, 2016.

4.3 The university should do the review, public displays and submit the recommendation list to the Guangdong Province Office of Educationbefore June 24, 2016.

4.4 The final list is subject to the announcement by the Guangdong Province Office of Education after their public displays.

VI. Management and Supervision
6.1. All materials given by schools, mentors or teachers are true and correct. Otherwise, the school may be temporarily disqualified from the recommendation.
6.2. Candidates are selected via a fair, impartial and standard process.
6.3. Schools should strengthen management over scholarship students, who must be reported for breach of “Regulations on Cultivations for Foreign Graduate Students in Sun Yat-sen University” and other rules of the university to Office for International Students’ Affairs and Graduate School. Where there is a gross breach, scholarship is to be canceled.
6.4. If violating any laws or regulations of the People’s Republic of China, the scholarship student will be stripped from this scholarship and the eligibility to apply for scholarships in the future.
VII. Contact Information

Miss Liao,020-39943579,liaoy39@mail.sysu.edu.cn

Miss Gu, 020-39943581, guyn@mail.sysu.edu.cn

Application form of GD Government Outstanding International Student Scholarship