JIE Seminar: Printed Electronic Technology

Updated : March 20, 2017
Press release by Yingneng Gu
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Time:      9:00am~11:00am, Thursday, March 23

Venue:     Lecture Hall l02, JIE Building, East Campus of SYSU

Speaker:  Dr.Zheng Cui


Printed electronics is a new technology area that overturns traditional electronics manufacturing. Compared with the traditional integrated circuit-based microelectronics technology, the advantages of printed electronics is in any material surface in the way of building materials to build electronic, photoelectric and sensing devices and systems, with a large area, flexible, high yield and Low cost characteristics. This report will provide an overview of the definition of printed electronics, the classification of printing technology, and the key technologies involved in printing electronics. This paper focuses on the research of printing electronic technology carried out by Suzhou Institute of Nano Science and Technology, which has been carried out in the past seven years, especially in the fields of flexible, stretchable and wearable electronic systems. Through our research practice and examples, illustrate the characteristics of printed electronic technology, as well as the future development and application prospects.

Intro of Dr. Zheng Cui:

Research Area: Printed flexible transparent conductive film technology

Keywords: Printed electronic technology

Education: PhD, 1988 , 
DongNan University

From 1989 to 2009, as a chief scientist worked at the University of Cambridge in England and the National Laboratory in Rutherford, UK.

October 2009 joined the “Thousand People Plan”

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