JIE Celebrates the Mid-Autumn Festival with Students

Updated : September 10, 2014
Press release by JIE
  • JIE students take pictures of the custom-made moon cakes with SYSU’s university seals.

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JIE students take pictures of the custom-made moon cakes with SYSU's university seals.


September 8, 2014 is the Mid-Autumn Festival in China. In honor of this traditional Chinese holiday, JIE Staff members organized an intimate celebration for the students.

For those who were not familiar with the holiday, Associate Director Linjun Huang introduced the traditions and customs as well origins for the Mid-Autumn Festival. As it is customary, pastries known as moon cakes were served to the students to symbolize the traditional legend associated with the holiday.

JIE Student Admissions Manager Yingneng Gu described the delightful surprise of the students who discovered the the moon cakes were custom-made with Sun Yat-sen University’s seal.

Like many traditional holidays, the Mid-Autumn Festival is often celebrated with close friends and family. For JIE students, both from China and abroad alike, this year the holiday was spent with their newest family of classmates and professors at the JIE.

Another custom associated with Chinese holidays is the warm exchange of greetings between one another. Both Professors Ming Li and Yinliang Xu wished the students a wonderful holiday and certainly hoped that the students would be able to spend time with family.

Although the JIE follows the academic calendar of Carnegie Mellon University’s Pittsburgh campus, it is still important to introduce the students to the local flavors and customs of China as part of the benefits associated with an international program that embraces both Chinese and American cultures.