CMU Professors Give Courses in JIE during Spring 2015

Updated : January 20, 2015
Press release by Yingneng Gu
  • Prof. David Kaufer gives lectures to JIE students.

  • Dr. William Nace gives lectures to JIE students.

Prof. David Kaufer gives lectures to JIE students.Dr. William Nace gives lectures to JIE students.On January 12, JIE students started their first day in the Spring 2015 semester. In this semester, professors from CarnegieMellon University (hereafter CMU) will give two face-to-face courses in JIE.

Dr. William Nace, Lecturer of Electrical and Computer Engineering in CMU, offers the course: Advanced Digital Design Project, a design project course in which students will design and implement a large digital system with video output, sound output, and user input.

The other course lectured by Professor David Kaufer is Effective and Ethical Technical Communication in English for Engineering. With the focuses on the fundamentals of writing effective technical English in major technical genres for engineers, this course will enable students to learn to recognize and produce effective English sentences, paragraphs and technical documents and will learn to revise commonly produced ineffective English to make it effective.

Besides the two courses, students can take five on-line courses by using CMU Acatar-platform and conduct projects advised by JIE faculty.

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