JIE Logo

Logo Description

The circle represents the globe on which two universities, Sun Yat-sen University and Carnegie Mellon University, from different hemispheres are joining each other in engineering education and re search efforts.

JIE” is the acronym of Joint Institute of Engineering. The two shades of blue, creating perspective behind the letters “JIE”, represent the horizon, light  blue for sky and dark blue for ground.

JIE” is also the Chinese Pinyin Romanization of “杰”, meaning “distinguished”. Appropriately, this reflects the mission of the institute, that is, to nurture a passionate and collaborative global community and network of students, faculty and professionals working toward advancing the field of engineering through education an d research in China and the world.

In addition, the incised “JIE” within the circular icon gives visual interest to the design, through the contrast between positive and negative space.

JIE_horizonal_1line                JIE_horizontal_2lines        JIE_centered